About this website

This website, developed by the Corby Glen Group of Parishes, provides prayers, reflections and recordings to help us all as we journey through difficult and challenging days

Welcome to the website for the Corby Glen Group of Parishes.

Every day the Corby Glen Group Virtual Church offers a service of prayer and worship in text and audio format. The recordings can be subscribed to as podcasts, or simply listened to from this website (click the service title and scroll down for the order of service).

A simple recorded service of Night Prayer (Compline) is available for listening to at the close of any day. For any mourning the loss of a loved one, a Service of Light, Hope and Remembrance is available in text and video formats.

To find particular services, use the Worship menu at the top of each page or the menu below. To find the standalone reflections or sermons, use the Reflections menu. Alternatively, click a date on the calendar below to list the items published that day.

Background to the website

This website was developed in March 2020 as an immediate response to the closing down of public worship throughout the country.

The website has recordings of simple services, meditations and other resources that provide a way for us to continue our corporate worship of God, whether isolated in the confines of our own homes or able to attend public worship.

There are also sermons and meditations that are intended to help us all as we journey through these difficult and challenging days.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York spoke of the Church of England having to find new and creative ways of worshipping God. This website is a response to those words.

Please use the resources and tell others about them.

Please also be assured that you will all remain in my thoughts and prayers as the days pass.

Revd Stephen Buckman