Letter to wedding couples, 29 April 2020

To all the couples
who have a wedding planned
in the Corby Glen Group of Parishes

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry that your period of uncertainty goes on as we await more optimistic news about the relieving of the necessary restrictions that are creating such uncertainty about your respective weddings. I know that for some of you your big day would already have taken place and that for many more of you provisional and fixed postponements have had to be put in place. For those whose weddings are scheduled for later in the year, I hope and pray that the situation might allow them to go ahead, although the language of the government and the national medical advisers does suggest that some restrictions might remain in place for some months to come.

As well as the uncertainty over the need to postpone, there is also the sense of ‘disconnect’ from the Church community in Irnham during these days of lockdown. Most of you would have had appointments for us to meet that we had to cancel when the lockdown began. In what now seems like a moment of supreme optimism, I suggested that after 10th May we would look at rescheduling those appointments. Quite apart from my own medical condition, it is now clear that face to face meetings are not likely to be able to happen for some time to come. So, I would like to suggest that we might be able to still have some time talking with each other but using Zoom as a way of facilitating those meetings.

If you would like to meet in this way to talk through any issues at all, but most specifically any concerns you are feeling about the weddings you have planned, please drop me an email with some suggested dates and times and I will send you the Zoom invitation that will set the meeting up for us. If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry – it’s really easy, even clergy can do it!! If you have used it, you will know already just how straightforward it is. I am suggesting sending the invitations simply because I already have a subscription and so our meetings will not be limited to the ‘free’ forty minutes they offer.

I am so sorry that the biggest moment in your lives so far is being disrupted in such a dramatic way. But, do continue to be strong, safe and well. Do keep in touch through our Benefice website –

And, do please get in touch so that we can have some face to face time in these difficult days.

Wishing you all good health and every blessing,

Revd Stephen