Letter to parishioners, 31 July 2020

Read a letter from Revd Stephen to parishioners, dated Friday 31 July 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

In several ways, this is an exciting week.  Firstly, we will have the opportunity to gather again in public worship.  Secondly, I have now been given a date for Revd Aron’s ordination into the priesthood.  And, thirdly, after a wait of seven years, I have news on the publishing of the Pastoral Scheme for our Deanery by the Church Commissioners and Bishop David.

Public Worship

As you will have read in previous letters, from Sunday, 2 August we will have the opportunity to gather for public worship.  These acts of public worship will be services of Holy Communion, as required by Canon Law.  The services will take place at 9am and 10.30am.  Please let me know in advance if you intend to come to one of those services, and whether you will be attending as a household/bubble or as an individual.  There are still places available at both services on this Sunday.  Some of you will have read about the ‘need’ to wear face coverings whilst in acts of public worship.  This guideline was issued in recent days, but it differs from others because it ‘strongly recommends’ the wearing of face coverings without making them obligatory.  So, whilst leaving the final decision up to those attending a service, the suggestion is that we are behaving in the most responsible way if we adopt this new practice.  Please don’t forget to book your places for next Sunday (9 August).

Revd Aron’s Ordination

I am delighted to be able to let you know that Revd Aron will be ordained into the priesthood at 7pm on Tuesday, 6 October, by the Bishop of Grantham.  The service will take place in St John’s Church, Corby Glen.  Sadly, this is not likely to be the large festal gathering that normally accompanies such momentous occasions.  The Bishops’ Office will let me have the full details as the day draws nearer.  Whether there can be a massive celebration, or not, this is an exciting, daunting and humbling moment in Revd Aron’s journey.  I would ask that we all hold him in our prayers as he prepares himself for this moment in his response to God’s call in his life.

Beltisloe Deanery Pastoral Scheme

Many of you will know that seven years ago the process was started for reorganising Beltisloe Deanery into the pattern of benefices we know and work with on a daily basis.  The reorganisation of a Deanery is a complex legal process which takes some time to achieve.  Because of various legal complications our reorganisation has taken far longer than is the norm.  However, I have just received notification that the Pastoral Scheme has now been legally rewritten and signed by Bishop David and the Church Commissioners.  The ‘new’ Scheme comes into force from Saturday, 1 August.  At some point, there will be a celebration to formalise all of this but I’m afraid the current pandemic makes it uncertain when that celebration will be able to take place.

This is a weekend when we can set aside some of the uncertainty of the last few months, if only for a moment, and we can give thanks through our prayer and worship.  We can give thanks for being able to gather together again, for Revd Aron’s pending ordination, and for the clarity we have been given in the finalising of the Deanery’s Pastoral Scheme. 

With every blessing to you all,

Revd Stephen
Rector of the Corby Glen Group of Parishes