Letter to parishioners, 30 October 2020

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Friday, 30 October 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

This Sunday is the great feast day of All Saints. On this important day in the Church’s calendar we recall those who have led lives of faithful discipleship through the last two thousand years. Each of those saints has a unique story from which we can learn much. None of those saints led a life without challenge. Some were able to live out their earthly lives in quiet and solitary contemplation and prayer, while some spent their days in active service to others. Some were respected in their lives for their devotion to God, while others were persecuted, even to death. The Church’s celebration of All Saints should be seen as a time of encouragement as we live through these difficult times. No matter what hardships and inconveniences we may be experiencing in our personal and professional lives, we need to journey on in faith and joy. God’s love is there for each and every one of us, and we are called not only to receive that love, but also to pass it on to others. Saints throughout the ages have understood that and they have not allowed worldly challenges to stand in the way of their discipleship. Let us pray that we may live our lives as the saints lived theirs.

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. There will be a service of Holy Communion in St John’s Church, Corby Glen at 9am and then there will be two services of Remembrance at 10.30am. The services will be in both Corby Glen and Irnham. The service in Corby Glen will be on The Green, around the War Memorial. The Bishop of Grantham will be taking part in our service in Corby Glen as he re-dedicates the recently restored War Memorial, which was erected one hundred years ago this year. Because of social distancing requirements, I will need to know in advance if you wish to attend the service in St Andrew’s, Irnham, while the outdoor service in Corby Glen is open to as many people as would like to attend.

On Sunday, 22nd November (the Feast of Christ the King), at 6pm, there will be a Service of Light, Hope and Remembrance using Zoom, as well as the usual Church services in the morning. For those who are unfamiliar with Zoom, it is very easy to use and completely free. Providing you have a computer you will be able to join in this service from the comfort of your own homes. If you would like to receive a Zoom invitation to take part in this remembrance of loved ones who now rest in God’s nearer presence, please let me know and I will email one to you. If you are uncertain, please speak to either Revd Aron or myself and we will guide you through how it works. Whether you wish to take part in the service or not, please let me have names of loved ones you would like remembered in that service.

Nearer Christmas we will be conducting Carol Services on Zoom as well.

In recent days it has become obvious that something very important is missing from our prayer lives. In more ‘normal’ times we have always prayed for those in special need by name. That has lapsed during the time of the pandemic because we have not been able to leave a book open for names to be added. If you have a loved one, friend or neighbour in need of prayer, please pass on the details to Revd Aron or myself and we will ensure that they are prayed for on a daily basis.

With every blessing to you all,

Revd Stephen