First Communion Thank Yous

On Sunday 11 October 2020 Revd Aron Donaldson celebrated Holy Communion for the first time as a newly ordained priest at St John’s Church, Corby Glen. In the section of the service where the notices are normally given out, just before the Blessing and Dismissal, he said the following to the assembled congregation…

Well, it’s usually at this point in the service where the notices are shared and important-messages-that-everyone-needs-to-hear are published. I’m sure you are already aware of some significant events that have happened recently but I also know there is a message that you are yet to hear – it is a message from me, and it’s a message that says ‘Thank you’.

Thank you, all of you, for the ways in which you have supported and blessed me on my journey so far. Thank you for the big things, little things, visible and invisible things. In particular, thank you for the home communion set.

Revd Aron’s ordination gifts, including a home communion set and baptismal shell

It’s funny, when I was on retreat before ordination, Bishop Nicholas brought a home communion set that was given to him during his curacy many years ago. When I sat listening to him I thought he was so fortunate to have something so meaningful with him when he celebrated the eucharist. In the back of my mind I knew I could buy a home communion set like his but I couldn’t buy the story behind it. Little did I know that one was already waiting for me when I got back!

And this communion set really means a lot to me. Just as the bread and wine we saw today symbolises the body and blood of Christ, so this communion set symbolises (to me) the kindness and generosity of this community that I am so blessed to be part of.

And as you have blessed me, so with God’s help I hope to bless you in the years to come as another priest for your encouragement in the faith and for the glory of God. Thank you.